Did you know… We can offer Ex-Works (EXW) and Free on Board (FOB) rates from all areas such as Far East, Middle East, India, USA & Australia?

FCL Imports is a volatile market and rates can fluctuate daily but we have good secure deals which means we can hold your agreed rate for longer validity, meaning continuity when quoting your customers (excluding any emergency charges which can be implemented by the carriers at any given time).

We can also tailor your quote and fine tune to exactly what you need, i.e. fast transits, best routing, cheapest price, etc. and offer a number of different ports depending on where in UK you need the container delivering to. We also offer a great deal on free time once the container hits the port in the UK, meaning you have a little more time to arrange Customs clearance or resolve any container issues ample time!

Email, or call your account manager today to ask for more details!